Bảo vệ điện áp Sag - Voltage Sag Protectors - Đại lý Allen Bradley

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Đại lý Allen Bradley
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Đại lý Allen Bradley | Nhà cung cấp Allen Bradley giá tốt

Bảo vệ điện áp Sag - Voltage Sag Protectors - Đại lý Allen Bradley

Bộ bảo vệ Sag điện áp DySC Allen Bradley - Đại lý Allen Bradley

DySC Voltage Sag Protectors (1608N MiniDySC, 1608P ProDySC, 1608M MegaDySC)

Bảo vệ điện áp Sag - Voltage Sag Protectors - Đại lý Allen Bradley

The Solution to Voltage Sags:

  • Allen-Bradley Dynamic Sag Correctors (DySC) from Rockwell Automation are unique and exclusive industrial power quality solutions that protect against voltage sags and momentary outages that accountfor a signifi cant amounts of manufacturing downtime and damaged equipment. They do the job with no batteries, no moving parts and virtually no maintenance, making them ideal for critical manufacturing processes and sensitive electronics that require sag ride-through protection for up to 5 seconds. And the DySC is so effi  cient that it virtually pays for itself in energy savings alone, when compared to other power quality technologies. If you want to maximize facility uptime, you’ll want to look at DySC solutions. 

Features and Benefi ts:

  • Prevents Downtime: Protects against short-term  voltage sags and interruptions that can impact production
  • Prevents Damage to Equipment: Poor power quality can cause immediate and/or long-term damage to sensitive electrical equipment
  • Scalable Solution:
    • Machine to facility-wide protection
    • Single- and Three-phase portfolio
  • Up to 5 Seconds of Ride-Through: Most power quality events are of a  short duration and a DySC solution can protect equipment against the vast majority of these events
  • Protects to 0 Volts: DySC can protect against brie complete voltage loss
  • Battery-free Solution
    • Eliminates requirement to swap batteries every 3-5 years
    • Environmentally friendly

Thông số kỹ thuật của Bộ bảo vệ Sag điện áp DySC Allen Bradley:

Bulletin 1608N MiniDySC 1608P ProDySC 1608M MegaDySC
Power Range  0.25 - 14 kVA  10 - 165 kVA  333 - 2000 kVA
Amp Range 1 - 50 A  25 - 200 A  400 - 2400 A
Voltage Range 120…240V / AC 208…480V / AC 380…480V AC
Mounting DIN Rail Panel Panel Floor
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase
Ride Through Up to 5 seconds 
Batteries Not required
Enclosure NEMA Type 1
Operating Temperature Range 0...40 °C (32...104 °F)

Tài liệu chi tiết kỹ thuật DySC Voltage Sag Protectors 1608: Bảo vệ điện áp Sag - Voltage Sag Protectors - Đại lý Allen Bradley

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