Van khí nén - Sentronic HD - ASCO Numatics Series 616

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Đại lý Asco Numatics
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Đại lý ASCO Numatics - Nhà cung cấp Valves ASCO Numatics

Van khí nén - Proportional Valves - ASCO Numatics Series 607

Đại lý ASCO Numatics | ASCO Numatics Việt Nam

Van khí nén ASCO  - Pneumatic Valve ASCO

Proportional - 3 way - Sentronic HD - ASCO Numatics Series 616

Sentronic HD - ASCO Numatics Series 616

SentronicHD is a 3-way proportional valve with digital control. The Data Acquisition Software (DaS) that comes with SentronicHD can be used to adjust the valve's control parameters to a specific application. Command signal, feedback signal and control parameters can be viewed in real time and adjusted as required for an application. SentronicHD can be configured for dual loop control of process variables such as flow, force, speed, RPM and temperature.

Van khí nén - Sentronic HD - ASCO Numatics Series 616
SentronicHD Specifications Include:                                         
  • Ports: G1/4
  • Max. Allowable Pressure: 174 psi (12 bar)
  • Pressure Range:
    • 03 = 0…3 bar
    • 06 = 0...6 bar
    • 10 = 0...10bar
    • V1 = -1...(+3bar)
  • Fluid Temperature: 32°...122°F (0°...50°C)
  • Ambient Tempurature: 32°...122°F (0°...50°C)
  • Hysteresis: ± 0,25 % of span
  • Linearity/Pressure Measurement: ± 0,25 % of span
  • Repeatability: ± 0,25 % of span
SentronicHD Features Include:
  • Control which is stable under pres
  • sure
  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Minimal power consumption (< 5 Watt)
  • Control deviation < 0.25%
  • Minimal heating of device
  • Integrated web server
Numatics HD DaS software is included in the product’s integrated server (M12 male to RJ45 cable required for access)
Simple Startup Procedure and Control Via PC:
Using the DaS HD program (DaS = Data Acquisition Software) and an Ethernet TCP/IP programming interface on the PC, it is possible to optimize performance for the application.
  • The transient response can be recorded and read immediately using the SCOPE function
  • Saved valve data can be accessed at any time
Diagnostics Fuctions:
  • Input pressure monitoring
  • Target value monitoring
  • Current monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • The control process can be stored
For more information, please contact a Numatics Distributor near you.

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