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Load Cell Z6R HBM

Load Cell Z6R HBM

Giải pháp tối ưu cho các trạm cân tải trọng

  • Maximum capacity: 20 kg / 50 kg / 100 kg / 200 kg
  • Accuracy class (OIML): D1, C3
  • Approvals and certificates: OIML, IECEx, ATEX

Z6R Bending Beam Load Cell – Robust, Easy to Clean, Compatible with Z6

The legal-for-trade Z6R bending beam load cell has been designed for maximum capacities ranging from 20 to 200 kg and is mechanically and electrically compatible with the proven Z6 load cell developed by HBM that has set standards worldwide. The Z6R eclipses the market standard and guarantees peak performance in applications with high requirements for hygiene or in harsh environments.

Load Cell Z6R HBM | Load Cell HBM | Đại lý phân phối HBM tại Việt Nam

Free White Paper: Save Costs with Shorter Cleaning Times

Bending beam load cells are compact and versatile. The Z6 load cell with bellows has become established as a standard worldwide, with over one million of them having been produced. Now thanks to a rugged, innovative design, the new generation of bending beam load cells allows for shorter cleaning times.

In our free white paper you will learn more about the following topics: 

  • The special structure of bending beam load cells
  • How rugged design ensures efficient production
  • How to achieve shorter cleaning times with state-of-the-art bending beam load cells.

Tough performer

  • Degree of protection: IP68/IP69K
  • Enclosure made of stainless steel
  • Withstands aggressive media such as cleaning agents
  • Explosion-proof versions are available
  • EMC tested
  • Withstands high-pressure cleaners

No corners and no edges

  • Dirt-repellent design without gaps or edges
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Electropolished surface
  • Liquids roll right off
Loadcell SP4C3MR-1kg  SP4C3MR-3kg  SP4C3MR-5kg  SP4C3MR-7kg  SP4C3MR-10kg  SP4C3MR-15kg  SP4C3MR-20kg  SP4C3MR-30kg  SP4C3MR-50kg  SP4C3MR-75kg  SP4C3MR-100kg  SP4C3MR-200kg
Loadcell SP4C3MR-0.1g   SP4C3MR-0.2g  SP4C3MR-0.5g  SP4C3MR-1g  SP4C3MR-2g  SP4C3MR-5g   SP4C3MR-10g  SP4C3MR-20g
Loadcell  SP4-1kg  SP4-3kg  SP4-5kg  SP4-7kg SP4-10kg  SP4-15kg  SP4-20kg SP4-30kg SP4-50kg   SP4-75kg  SP4-100kg   SP4-200kg
SP4-1g  SP4-1.4g  SP4-2g  SP4-2.8g  SP4-4.2g  SP4-7g  SP4-10.5g  SP4-14g
Loadcell PW10 C3-50kg   PW10 C3-100kg  PW10 C3-150kg  PW10 C3-200kg  PW10 C3-250kg 
Loadcell PW30 C3-300kg   PW10 C3-MR-50kg  PW10 C3-MR-100kg   PW10 C3-MR-150kg
PW10 C3-MR-200kg  PW10 C3-MR-250kg   PW10 C3-MR-300kg
Loadcell PW12BC3-50kg  PW12BC3-75kg  PW12BC3-100kg  PW12BC3-150kg  PW12BC3-200kg  PW12BC3-250kg  PW12BC3-300kg  PW12BC3-500kg  PW12BC3-635kg  PW12BC3-1000kg
PW12BC3-10g   PW12BC3-20g  PW12BC3-50g  PW12BC3-100g  PW12BC3-200g
Loadcell PW12BC3MR-50kg  PW12BC3MR-75kg  PW12BC3MR-100kg  PW12BC3MR-150kg  PW12BC3MR-200kg  PW12BC3MR-250kg  PW12BC3MR-300kg  PW12BC3MR-500kg  PW12BC3MR-635kg     PW12BC3MR-1000kg
PW12BC3-5g  PW12BC3-10g   PW12BC3-20g  PW12BC3-50g  PW12BC3-100g
Loadcell PW15C3-7.5kg  PW15C3-15kg  PW15C3-20kg  PW15C3-30kg  PW15C3-50kg  PW15C3-75kg  PW15C3-100kg  PW15C3-150kg   PW15C3-200kg
PW15C3-1g  PW15C3-2g  PW15C3-5g  PW15C3-10g  PW15C3-20g  PW15C3-50g
Loadcell PW15C3MR-7.5kg  PW15C3MR-15kg  PW15C3MR-20kg  PW15C3MR-30kg  PW15C3MR-50kg  PW15C3MR-75kg  PW15C3MR-100kg  PW15C3MR-150kg   PW15C3MR-200kg
Loadcell PW15C3MR-0.5g  PW15C3MR-1g  PW15C3MR-2g  PW15C3MR-5g  PW15C3MR-10g  PW15C3MR-20g
Loadcell PW16-30kg PW16-50kg  PW16-75kg  PW16-100kg  PW16-150kg  PW16-200kg PW16-250kg  PW16-300kg   PW16-500kg  PW16-635kg  PW16-660kg
PW16-5g  PW16-10g  PW16-20g  PW16-50g  PW16-100g 
Loadcell PW16C3-30kg  PW16C3-50kg  PW16C3-75kg  PW16C3-100kg  PW16C3-150kg  PW16C3-200kg PW16C3-250kg  PW16 C3-300kg   PW16 C3-500kg  PW16 C3-660kg
Loadcell PW16C3-5g  PW16C3-10g  PW16C3-20g  PW16C3-50g  PW16C3-100g
PW16C3MR-30kg  PW16C3MR-50kg  PW16C3MR-75kg  PW16C3MR-100kg  PW16C3MR-150kg  PW16C3MR-200kg  PW16C3MR-250kg  PW16C3MR-300kg  Loadcell PW16C3MR-500kg  PW16 C3MR-660kg  PW16C3MR-2g  PW16C3MR-5g  PW16C3MR-10g  PW16C3MR-20g  PW16C3MR-50g 
Loadcell PW18C3-5kg  PW18C3-10kg  PW18C3-20kg  PW18C3-50kg  PW18C3-75kg  PW18C3-0.5g  PW18C3-1g   PW18C3-2g   PW18C3-5g  PW18C3-10g
PW18C3/H1-5kg  PW18C3/H1-10kg  PW18C3/H1-20kg  PW18C3/H1-50kg  Loadcell PW18C3/H1-75kg  PW18C3/H1-0.5g  PW18C3/H1-1g   PW18C3/H1-2g   PW18C3/H1-5g  PW18C3/H1-10g
Loadcell PW2AC3-7.2kg  PW2AC3-12kg  PW2AC3-18kg  PW2AC3-36kg  PW2AC3-72kg  PW2AC3-1g  PW2AC3-2g  PW2AC3-5g  PW2AC3-10g  PW2AC3-20g  PW2AC3MR-7.2kg  PW2AC3MR-12kg PW2AC3MR-18kg  PW2AC3MR-36kg  Loadcell PW2AC3MR-72kg  PW2AC3MR-0.5g   PW2AC3MR-1g  PW2AC3MR-2g  PW2AC3MR-5g  PW2AC3MR-10g 
Loadcell PW2GC3-7.2kg  PW2GC3-12kg  PW2GC3-18kg  PW2GC3-36kg  PW2GC3-72kg
PW2GC3-2g  PW2GC3-5g  PW2GC3-10g  PW2GC3-20g
Loadcell PW4KRC3-MR-0.3kg   PW4KRC3-MR-0.5kg  PW4KRC3-MR-2kg  PW4KRC3-MR-3kg
PW4KRC3-MR-0.02g   PW4KRC3-MR-0.05g  PW4KRC3-MR-0.2g
Loadcell PW6KRC3-3kg  PW6KRC3-5kg  PW6KRC3-10kg  PW6KRC3-15kg  PW6KRC3-20kg  PW6KRC3-30kg  PW6KRC3-40kg
PW6KRC3-0.5g  PW6KRC3-1g  PW6KRC3-2g  PW6KRC3-5g  PW6KRC3-10g
Loadcell PW6KRC3-MR-3kg  PW6KRC3-MR-5kg  PW6KRC3-MR-10kg  PW6KRC3-MR-15kg  PW6KRC3-MR -20kg  PW6KRC3-MR -30kg  PW6KRC3-MR -40kg
PW6KRC3-MR -0.2g  PW6KRC3-MR -0.5g  PW6KRC3-MR -1g   PW6KRC3-MR -2g  PW6KRC3-MR -5g
Loadcell PWS-7kg  PWS-10kg  PWS-15kg  PWS-30kg  PWS-60kg  PWS-100kg  PWS-150kg
PWS-1.0g  PWS-1.4g  PWS-2.0g  PWS-4.2g  PWS-8.4g  PWS-14.0g  PWS-21.0g
Loadcell   PW18C3-5kg  PW18C3-10kg  PW18C3-20kg  PW18C3-50kg  PW18C3-75kg
PW18C3-0.5g  PW18C3-1g  PW18C3-2g  PW18C3-5g  PW18C3-10g
PW18C3/H1-5kg  PW18C3/H1-10kg  PW18C3/H1-20kg   PW18C3/H1-50kg  PW18C3/H1-75kg
PW18C3/H1-0.5g  PW18C3/H1-1g  PW18C3/H1-2g  PW18C3/H1-5g  PW18C3/H1-10g
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