MBS860 serie | Đồng hồ áp suất Tema Vasconi | Đại lý Tema Vasconi tại Việt Nam

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MBS861, MBS864, MBS867

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Tema Vasconi Việt Nam

MBS860 serie | Đồng hồ đo áp suất Tema Vasconi

The pressure gauges series MBS860, with or without filling fluid, may be installed on every chemical, petrochemical plants, to prevent accidents according to normative EN837-1/ S3 and ANSI B40.1.1

MBS860 serie | Đồng hồ áp suất Tema Vasconi | Đại lý Tema Vasconi tại Việt Nam


Diameters: 100-150 mm

Case and ring: st. st. 304, bayonet type ring

Protection degree : IP55/IP65 (EN60529/IEC529)

Safety back : st. st. 304 Transparent: stratified safety glass

Movemento: st. st., reinforced

Dial: aluminium with black numerals on white background

Safety wall : back of the dial, in st. st., welded on the case

Pointer: Aluminium., black painted, micrometric adjustable

Blow out: neoprene, upper

Sensing element: Bourdon tube type, with “C” form for pressure ≤60bar, helical wound for pressure ≥ 60bar

Element material: AISI 316L , MONEL 400

Connection material : AISI 316L , MONEL 400

 Welding: T.I.G.

Connection dimension: ½”NPT/M or BSP/M

Mounting: direct, lower connection type 861

direct, back connection type 864 panel rear flange lower connection type 865 (on request)

panel front flange rear connection type 867

Ranges: see table at page 2

Overpressure: +30% F.S. for range up to 60bar

+15% F.S. for ranges from 100 to 600bar

+10% F.S .for ranges from 1000bar

Accuracy: class 1, acc. to EN837-1 at 20°C

Ambient temperature limit: -30/+60°C

Fluid temperature limit: -30/+120°C element in AISI316L

-30/+230°C element in MONEL

Temperature error: 0,035%/°C in range 0/60°C

 Construction acc. to ATEX directive 94/9/EC , gr.II cat. 2GDc (on request)


  • Sovrapressione speciale
  • Cassa DN63
  • Cassa in AISI316
  • Esecuzione tropicalizzata 
  • Precisione 0,5% 
  • Scala speciale
  • Trasparente in Acrilico con indice di max azzerabile dal froRiempimento con glicerina al 90% per T.amb.0÷65°C
  • Riempimento con glicerina al 98% per T.amb.-15÷65°C
  • Riempimento con olio al silicone per T.amb.-45÷65°C
  • Riempimento con fluidi fluorurati per impiego su ossigeno
  • per temperature ambiente -60÷60°C
  • Sgrassaggio per servizio su ossigeno
  • Smorzatore interno (vite di strozzatura sull’attacco)
  • Montaggio separatore di processo diretto / remoto (vedi 
  • prospetti relativi)
  • Contatti elettrici (vedi prospetti relativi)
  • Smorzatore di pulsazioni , limitatore di pressione esterno, 
  • sifoni di raffreddamento, valvola portamanometro 
  • Special overpressure .
  • Case DN63
  • Case in st. st 316
  • Tropical version 
  • Accuracy 0,5%
  • Special scale
  • Acrylic window with max value pointer settable from front 
  • Glycerine filling at 90% for T.amb.0
  • ÷65°C
  • Glycerine filling at 98% for T.amb.-15
  • ÷65°C
  • Silicon oil filling for T.amb.-45
  • ÷65°C
  • Filling with fluorinated oil suitable for use on Oxygen and for 
  • ambient temperature -60
  • ÷60°C
  • Degreasing for use on Oxygen 
  • Internal dampener (screw on the connection)
  • Mounting of chemical seal direct / remote (see relative leaflets)
  • Electrical Contacts (see relative leaflets)
  • Pulsation dampener ,Exthernal overpressure protector, Pig-tail 
  • syphon , Valves  

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